Jan 3, 2009

Matting With A Dolphin

Moko The Dolphin plays with people most days on the Mahia Penninsula, which is about an hour south of us here in NZ. I took out a canvas mat at first, got towed around a bit, and then switched to a 4GF when I reckoned that Moko would most likely not bite through it.
The best part was trying for half an hour before getting someone's rugby ball back from Moko, while being teased the whole time in a skillful game of keep-away. You can see a shot of this in the vid. I'm going back when there are less people around in order to get better acquainted with Moko. More soon, hopefully.


Georges ABOLIN said...

it's great !
i hope this funny dolphin doesn't get hurt ( their skin is fragile i guess)

Pahl Dixon said...

Yes, Georges, this friendly dolphin is generating a bit of controversy because there are lots of ways that both Moko and the people could be injured. So far everything has been good. New Zealanders are a well-behaved lot for the most part. The biggest worry is frustrated fishermen, who might just do something rash, in order to keep their catches from being diminished by a crazy dolphin messing around with their gear and scaring away the fish. Hopefully, kindness will prevail...