May 8, 2009

Best Contest Surfing Ever...

Kalani Robb and Skyler Peak

Jimmy Gamboa

Ryan Conder

Hi Paul,

Here are some pictures from last year at the Malibu Invitational. I'm adamant about not surfing contests, and asked instead to give us an hour at the event with nobody out so we could take special needs children out for a surf.

The kid surfing with Jimmy Gamboa can't walk or talk. It was pretty amazing. She loves surfing. He actually took her again a couple weeks ago! Jimmy is one of the most gifted surfers with kids with special needs I have ever seen.

The boy surfing with Skyler Peak is a Malibu regular named James. He is non-verbal, and loves surfing more than anything. When he's at the beach, he bangs on the decks of boards until someone takes him out! He is obsessed with the movie Crystal Voyager also, and watches it over and over (along with March of the Penguins.)


Note from PG:

Ryan and I are working on a two-person mat so he and Jimmy can take special needs kids for a mat surf. We should have something together by mid summer.


R4TH said...

Tandem Flyer!

Georges ABOLIN said...


Georges ABOLIN said...

actually :)))))

JD said...

best thing I've seen in quote some time.