Jun 16, 2009

From Robert T ...

(Artist's rendition of Robert, by Tom T.)

Hi Paul,

I wanted to touch base with and tell you how well the 4th Gear Flyer has performed for me.

During our last small SW swell I caught a couple of days at a little spot I like to check from time to time. It was 2-4 foot, but it was breaking hard in just a few inches of water right on the beach. I managed to catch some great rides and a couple of beautiful tube rides in all of maybe at the most 6 inches of water. I have never experienced riding a wave under those conditions before, but it was unbelievable gliding across a thin sheet of water on a mat like that.

Needless to say I rolled up on the beach like a rug twice that I remember and stood up after my ride laughing my butt off, and went right back out to do it again. I just can't thank you enough. The way the mat rides is way beyond my expectations. It is so easy to catch waves on.

Thanks again Paul...

Peace and good waves, Robert

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