Aug 6, 2009

Note from "EC" ...

Greetings, and a hearty "cheerio" to everyone in the mat riding world!

I'm facing a bit of dilemma with my recent transition from a music-based lifestyle to one focused on surfing inflatable air mattresses here in the UK.

As a young child, I was quite happy...

But as I matured, my mood became more sullen...
Even with my prescription reading glasses on, things seemed bleak and out of focus...

I then tried perscription meds in hopes of brightening my mood. As you can plainly luck.

Then, quite by happenstance, I gave "mat surfing" a whirl on a sunny afternoon at Brighton Beach. I broke into a smile for the first time since, well, my baby teeth came in!

My issue is that, previously unbeknownst to me, I appear to be a bit of a cheeky monkey when I grin!

Now, I am hooked on mat surfing...and I can't stop smiling! My friends, co-workers, and family are having quite a jolly time making sport of my newly found geekdom.

I have no intention whatsoever of giving the heave-ho to my passion for mat surfing, but the price I'm paying in the dry dock world is so steep, I may have to resort to drastic measures.

Do any of you fine chaps and birds have any suggestions what these drastic measures might entail? (I am on a limited budget, BTW.)

Thanks to you for your time,

Ripley, Surrey


GRAYMAN said...

So what exactly is the problem Eric? Is it simply your ridiculous mug when you grin?


EC said...

In a proverbial nutshell, yes.

And, I prefer "charmingly adolescent" to "ridiculous mug!"

GRAYMAN said...

Go back to real dirty blues music. One man with a guitar, broken amp and a skinny dog on a string style.

Such a change would justify really letting rip with the beard. Let it grow... and grow... and grow...

Voila! The tache covers your chops and everyone's happy!


bluey said...

There must be a serious problem EC, as I would have thought surfing at Brighton, even with a mat would be enough to wipe out most of your grin :-)

I should know as I have surfed my mat at Brighton (Marina) on quite a few occassions as it is unfortunately my closest beach :-(

GRAYMAN said...

Nobody should have to surf Brighton.

Eric, I'm confused, are you staying matting or going? It's just you started out with "cheerio" (meaning goodbye).

Perhaps you changed your mind mid post! ;-)


Anonymous said...

Get back on the road to Escondido for another visit with JJ. Look me up on the way money is not needed.


pranaglider said...

Kendog lives!

SB mike said...

Reminds me of the tele with a strat neck problem you had a while ago!
Santa Barbara, Mike