Oct 2, 2009

Antonio from Puerto Rico...

Hi Paul,

Hope everything is fine and that you are having a very nice day.

I received my Fatty about 3 or 4 weeks ago and I have been having a blast, my first surf was in a 3-4'(face) slab reef spot, and the mat surfed just fine. I tried it for the first time on tubular waves and got really barrelled on one! I have been surfing the mat ever since about 3-5 times a week on different conditions ranging from knee high glassy slides to 5-6' face barrels to 6' face points (I haven't touched any other surf craft). I now understand that riding a mat is an ever changing, learning experience that I guess will never end.

I guess I am probably pushing the limits of the Fatty design as controlling the mat was a bit of a struggle in the 6'- 8' face open water break this afternoon. Still, I had a blast drawing some clean and fast carves on the waves I did manage to control the mat on.

Thank you very much for building this mat for me, without it I wouldn't be having such a blast with this mat experience! I can assure you that you now have a client in Puerto Rico that will be ordering mats and if possible some other alternative surfcrafts for many years to come!


(Attached are some pictures I took before this morning's session...)

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