Dec 28, 2009

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Hey Paul,

I hope that you and Gloria had a good holiday! We had a great first Christmas with Milo.


We all traveled down to Santa Cruz and spent most of the extended weekend there with my parents and brother Ira who's back from Germany (where he lives.)


(Also, here's Ira standing on the beach, with me body surfing in the background.)

We got some fun waves Thursday at Capitola beach, Friday at the Hook, and Saturday at Platforms (South Seacliff beach.)

My Mom and I rode mats on Saturday. I've gotten a chance to use mine 3 or 4 times now and have really been enjoying it. It's such an organic way to ride waves! I still haven't quite figured out how to punch it through a big, thick wall of white wash, but I'm sure that will come. :)

(Typical shorebreak out front of my house.)

I've taken Vaughn out a couple of times and he's had a blast.

(Mat newbie Vaughn having a blast.)

My Mom has been loving her mat, too. You just can't believe how jazzed she is about it:) She's so fired up that she was hoping to order another one or two so that she can go out with her friends. Robert here wants to get another one, too for his buddy Jeff Lyon, a bike frame builder/surfer.

How was your holiday? And have you had the chance to catch any of this recent swell? Vaughn bought me the "Inner Most Limits of Pure Fun" as an Xmas gift this year. We're stoked! Hi to Gloria! Milo is growing fast!




Mr. Brown said...

I just matted big C-Street in Ventura, double overhead plus and I found that if I swam on my back and pulled it under big white water I'd be pulled forward towards shore only a little bit.

Mateo said...

hey matt! i think maybe i saw you a while back at c-st...i had my mat out too and was stoked to see another was big out there!

Keven, i recently got into this band Modest mouse and i thought you find it interesting that they have an interlude between songs that called MILO and it features a baby laughing or something..

i only know cause the track trips me out and i usually skip to the next but IDK....check it..

Mr. Brown said...

Hi Mateo! yeah that was the biggest I'd ever matted. I live on Maui but was visiting my folks in LA.

I think maybe I saw you after I got out. Was that you blazing down the line from way up the point way ahead of the white water and thus making it through most of the middle of the point? It must have been even the pro bodyboarders I've seen would have had a hard time doing that!

Mateo said...

hmm..maybe i got a couple long ones towards the end of my sesh... my friend was out on his all black boogie too and i know he got some bigger waves that day...