Sep 25, 2010

A Bit Of Rental History...

Hi Paul,

I have been volunteering recently at the Surfing Heritage Foundation which is just a few miles up the hill from the house. Lately I've been helping photograph and document the entire collection.

BTW these are not the archival photos, just quick shots I did. Steve Wilkings who is on staff there, is doing the actual photos.

I really like the black and yellow one with the fins. It even had a bit of rocker...

Best Regards,


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pranaglider said...

I asked the guys at the SHF if they would ever do a mat retrospective. They obviously have some interesting bits of mat history as well as a huge board collection. They said there hasn't been enough change in mats over the years to make one one interesting. Maybe Hal can make them see the error there. Nice shots! Thanks Hal.