Oct 7, 2010

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This is a bit late but I thought I'd get back to you about quick service and a good story. I got the Fatty Roundtail in two days which was very impressive and easily in time for my trip to Nantucket this past August. Tropical Storm Danielle was the star of out trip and
provided us with tons of surf. The fist time I blew up the mat, I got plenty of laughs and I had to simply say, "We'll see after a few rides." My son added, "Dad, you look like a dork with that thing!"

I just laughed and said, "we'll see." It wasn't anything to write home about condition wise, but it was a blast skimming along at high speed right past my son. After a couple days, he says, "Dad, can I try the mat?" I said "sure," and we were off for another session. I got him into his first wave which he rode up onto the sand, stood up, and screamed with delight. He made it back outside and said, "I was going so fast!!!!, this thing is great!"

My question to him was, "who is the dork now?". We laughed so hard. I went on to send him into wave after wave for the next hour and a half. We're off to Montauk in two weeks for Columbus Day and I'm hoping for another session or two. Thanks for the fun and keep up the good work. Please know you have a couple of huge 4th Gear fans here on the East coast!

Brian and Henry



I got my mat...thank you!

Got home to drizzly streets and a new surf mat on the door step. You pack a class act -- 3 days from order to maiden voyage -- delicate packaging and excellent communication; I highly recommend 4th gear flyer.

After a little inflation and a couple checks on the internet I headed down to Beacons. Walked north just south of "white fence" and paddled out to some stormy peaks. The mat paddles very well and catches waves well. Turning is another story, as is going under breaking waves. With no leash options and the realization that these are hand made delicate devices, it's awful hard to grab it gently after getting crushed or going under the wave.

Major issue that needs resolution is hitting the flats after a drop at angle and trying to "bottom turn" - I'm pretty convinced no such thing exists on a mat. Finally took to hanging a leg way off the mat at an angle diagonal to the line on the back of the mat while pushing down on the front of the mat to get her to swing right or left. Unlike surfing or hand planing, matting is apolitical -- there's no goofy or regular foot which is neat.

I look forward to getting it in smooth water as it really does haul ass even in windy bumpy rain-surf. "It's also a great work out," as they say on the dark side, or stand up paddle world. Two lobster divers swam past me as the sun set and threw the hang loose sign. Overall I'm thinking this thing is going to be fun!



aloha paul....

maiden voyage....local beach break...lined up nnw swell 3-4 ft with long lines and short interval and mostly closed out with short run then reform on the inside....easy take off....straight off then right slides in the white water to the reform and then was able to "trim" along to the close out then wash up sideways on the beach....new smiles on our faces.....hardest part was the backward entry with fins on into the surf...and then the left calf cramped after a bit...have to go slowly to build up the legs...thanks for the opportunity to enjoy the water again....delightful...peace and aloha... g and s


PG said...

"Letter of the Week" winner gets a free graphene mat! Delivery of the first place prize scheduled for summer 2085...


Mr. Brown said...

I've been riding my standard for about two years now and in just the last few months I've noticed a big improvement in my ability. Cutbacks and bottom turns are improving. There's a lot of depth to the mat riding experience, as I suspected the potential of these strange bags of air is pretty amazing. I feel like I'm just starting on a long journey. By the way one of my friends here on Maui just stopped me and told me he just ordered three mats! A convert! Aloha!

Dr. Robert said...

Mr. Brown..
that friend of yours must be my brother in law..
my wife's sister was over here recently and saw my new roundtail tracker..
her eye's light up and she says
"I want this, I want this now".
She phones her husband.
Her husband is a smart man.
He does the right thing..
Soon to be appearing at a break near you..
small world eh?