Feb 21, 2011

From Jason in Oz...

How goes, Pablo?

My kid was out with me last Tues. But before he jumped in he took a few pics. Not the best lighting, and a lot of wind. Anyway, had a good time on my RT tracker. RTT is my mat of choice for this particular wave of late. The wave's on the soft side, and never gets too big, but it's long and allows me to build up speed. Too bad all he took were pics right at takeoff, when i'm still adjusting position on the mat, because later down the wave the RTT would just find a nice high line, and zip. Well, we'll give it another lash soon.

I have a Go Pro HD cam, and that day it would've been a better choice of camera. Kids though - no listen - what can ya do?

Hope all's well with you.


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