Apr 9, 2011

From The Pendarvis/Threinen Camp...

(Pendo enjoying nicer conditions last fall...photo: Lance Smith)

Hi Paul, Steve came home from an amazing mat session this afternoon at the reefs. There were 4-7 foot face sw swells and high tide, after the storm, so also lots of 3 foot—8 second intervals mixed in, you had to find the 18 second interval souths for the ride. No one else out, stormy windblown slopper-doppers. The Tracker on free fall take-offs with only one pontoon in the water, covering massive amounts of area, absolutely giddy! I could go on and on and on, it was just a WOW! session. Anyway, we love ya and we thought we'd throw some ping-pong ball energy at cha because I'm a ping'n Pendo.

Out for now,

Steve and Cher Cowa-flexit!


Hey Paul;

I'll second that! My favorite days now at the reefs are the post storm-front days with some kind of ground swell mixed in. My new Tracker finds the lined up pockets amongst all the chaos and flies! And the crowds are always thin. It's like riding a newly discovered surf spot! If only I could get more days in the water.



Ramsnake said...

I have enjoyed those conditions many times on my own. Such a bonus! Mats rock!

GRAYMAN said...

That Pendo shot shows great positioning.

Good stuff.


Anonymous said...

In a bit of cosmic randomness... related to this mornings Pendo post.

I got a text from Tatum yesterday arvo, she's in SD visiting her sister and new niece.

"The Gnomes came and got me. I'm the only person on the beach. It's warm and sunny, the boys are mat surfing and the waves look good. Wish you were here!"

Wish I could have been there indeed. Brought a smile to my face at work knowing that mi amigos are looking out for her, and getting their mat slide on at one of my favorite places in the world.

Hope you are doing just as well amigo.


Piskian said...

The soundtrack for the mat section in my mind movie is "The Laughing Gnome"by Bowie.
We need more reefs!