Apr 1, 2011

That's it...I'm moving to PR!

The Puerto Rican Terrier Surfed with Surfing Lab Today!

Here are dos amigo pups at Los Tubos, PR!

Antonio and his wife Michelle were perfect hosts. Lisa and Michelle continued to be amused by the pups enthusiasm. Managed to ride the mat at Rincon, Los Jobos and the Marine park within San Juan. We were in the water at Marine Park within minutes of our landing. How cool is it that the residents of San Juan can swing by for a session over lunch or after work...or instead of work! We found all the locals welcoming and curious about mats.



Vyusher La Kali said...

I missed the good conditions by a week. I surfed Los Tubos on a windy but nice sized day, I managed a couple exciting rides. I love how I can take off really deep or backdoor the wave. Fastest craft in the water that day for sure. It stayed windy the whole week I was there, Jobos was a washing machine. As I looked down from the plane as I departed, the conditions calmed and the waves looked amazing. I miss PR already.

GRAYMAN said...

Great stuff. More of these please.



Anonymous said...

According to Antonio we hit Los Tubos at a good time given the general weather pattern for the last week or so. The locals, also including John (proprietor http://www.dosangelesdelmar.com/ and avid surfer) say that the summer pattern set in early this year. Otherwise these last weeks would have been 'more like' Jan-Feb. Likewise, Inches in the south was actually breaking on Apr 3 (takes summer swells from Africa direction if I have it right. Antonio?)

By the way, Dos Angeles is a really great place to stay in the Puntas area of Rincon PR.

Yes, I am ready to move to PR!

David - Lab from Philly

Anonymous said...

David - Philly Lab

Forgot to mention .. it was my 1st time on the mat. I have been riding foam body boards so was able to catch and ride waves immediately. However, as Antonio says ..’ ..its easy to catch waves on a mat .. it’s a never ending process to master it..’. As expected, I will have to relearn riding.

I soon understood that I had to ride the wave rather than the board .. man handling controlling movements did not work .. subtle positioning does work. Antonio put it this way .. “the mat will tell you what it needs’. Slithering about on the mat really makes sense but is easier said than done. The effort is definitely worth it .. I had some sections where I could let it rip .. real nice feel.. there is nothing like it! It’s the intimate natural feel I was hoping for.

On this trip I also had a 54” fiberglass/ resin Paipo w/ twin fin setup that I was riding for the 1st time. As expected, coming from a soft body board background (and long boarding decades ago), I could initially get out, catch waves and control turns more immediately on the paipo. Also, as expected, the feeling is different as the paipo (given my approach at least) would more cut into the wave while the mat would conform to it. Or something like that.

However, I was real surprised as to how much I was able to position the mat after some hours in the water – if I had not been exposed to the internet mat site I would have thought it would just side slip. I can see that it will take some time to develop the skill on the mat to match what I found sooner on the Paipo. Lots to learn and enjoy on both.

The mat learning curve is worth it .. I like the feel of the mat, don’t care to do tricks AND .. I got nailed $150 one way to check my paipo on to the plane (I had it in box), Reduction to carry on is getting real important.

Met lots of interesting surfers on the trip ..e.g. knee boarder who moved his dental lab from California to PR and a 65 year old guy from Brooklyn who is a regular on PR breaks. And of course many smiling PR pups.