Jun 23, 2011

Let's Do This!!!





Bring snacks and liquid.


Tremor Temchin said...

Pontoon party!!!

Ramsnake said...

I'm there! Yeah! Woo Hoo!
Oh damn! No, no, I'm not.
I don't live in LA.
Blast and damnation!
Well, have a fine time then you lot eh!
Sheeesh :-(

Anonymous said...

Paul Diamond here.
The 26th is a NO GO for me. Way too much on da plate this weekend.
Take lots of photos and let's plan another one, earlier, around 4:30-5:30 A.M. some time.

Surfsister said...

Paul, this is not the last of the meets. I'm well aware of your availability (or lack thereof) and was hoping to plan one later since I want the Pendarvises could come too. The stars aligned for the upcoming weekend, so I decided to strike while the iron is hot. Guess what? It will get hot again!

GRAYMAN said...

Look forward to seeing the footage/shots from this.

A few of us may hook up over in Cornwall on the same day, just informally, but we'll be with ya's in spirit.

On spots, XXX is OK but have you considered XXX?



Piskian said...

XXXX for the Aussie meet.It's all they can handle....

misterdirk said...

Grayman -- PG gave us UKMS t-shirts for Christmas. Decker and I will wear them in solidarity on Sunday. You guys are the Master Mat Meeters.

GRAYMAN said...

You're a top man Dirk! Look forward to seeing that.

Off topic (sorry) did you see the camera I settled on?


misterdirk said...

G - I just checked it out on ukmatsurfers; that will get you some nice footage. The variable lens capability is such a plus. Exploit it ruthlessly!

Tremor Temchin said...

Just to clarify, that clock is referring to the AM (and not the PM), right?

Surfsister said...

A.M., dear. But that was a very good question.

RJ said...

Hey mat newbie here. Totally would like to go to the mat meet, can someone post a link to the location. Thanks.

Surfsister said...

The clues as to the location are all here on the Surfmatters blog pages. You simply have to look closely.