Jun 29, 2011

Party Wave

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Imagine how the guy on the surfboard must have felt with all of the mat riders going around him to go for that wave. I can guarantee there was probably audible laughter during the mad scramble to catch it. One of the things that sticks with me about Sunday's session was how much laughter there was in the water. Well, that and the absolute shredding people were doing on those beautiful waves. Let's do this again . . . sooner rather than later!


GRAYMAN said...

How many got on it?

Our record's 5. I think it's a thing worth keeping tabs on.

For future reference, I think you have to say for a number-of-matters record to count it has to be on a clean unbroken wave such as that one. 600 Surfo's on a 1940's close-out doesn't count in my book.


Anonymous said...

Ah, come on!

How many survived to laughingly tell about having been on "the wave" it mat-ters.

The thoroughly un-competitive but rather catalytic nature of it´s smile-inducing-small-kid-bliss of mat-ting is what eventually turns most pursuers on to it.