Jun 23, 2011

This Just In

I know your friend is coming in to town later but the forecast looks really nice for this Sunday. Something to think about. Looks like interest in your idea is taking off. Very exciting!

I think XXX is the best mat spot in LA. You can surf there during low tide even. (no fins to catch on the kelp) but high tide is choice. Anytime there is a south, XXX lights up. Usually bigger than XXX on a south. Can produce waves even when XXX is flat. I'm down. Mornings are best. Sunday would be a good day. Lots of parking along the road and in the lot.

Talk to me, people! What are your thoughts on these words of wisdom? In other words, any interest in doing this sooner rather than later? Frankly, I'm thinking we will do more than one this summer, so don't feel like this is the one and only.

Tides for Sunday, 6/26/2011

1:39 am
0.77 ft
7:58 am
2.97 ft
12:01 pm
2.31 ft
6:43 pm
5.30 ft


Anonymous said...

XXX is a surfspot in Central California around the same latitude as WRQ2-7P. You may confuse some people if you call your spot XXX as well.

misterdirk said...

I'm ready. Let's do it now, and again later. Not sure where XXX is, but if it hasn't dawned on me by Sunday, maybe Y or Z could drop me an email or message on FB. Look forward to seeing you all!

Vyusher La Kali said...

No Sharks either! 24 hr friendly...

Anonymous said...

XXX on Rosecrans near the Sports Arena? It's filled with sailors and landscapers.

Mateo said...

" 24 hr friendly" :) ...racing the barrel toward a full moon...

Sean42082 said...

who has a mat I can try? I'll probably be out longboarding or hand planing if anyone is willing to do a board swap for a couple waves. or i might just have to pump up my air mattress.

Vyusher La Kali said...

Sean, I have a fatty you can use. I also have some extra fins. Bring booties if you're not an 11 or 12.

Sean42082 said...

oh man, SWEET!