Jul 6, 2011

From R4th

UDT foil-In preparation for (hopefully) more Magic Toweling this summer, after two years my first pair are splitting at the strap, which I think is a common injury. These guys were more rubbery than the last batch, so I left a little more rail on the side-less darty more hold?-also a little more ")" to the fin edge.

*the pugs cut out of the ends in second shot were used as spacers when installing my shower curtain rod into the flanges (twss)

**this Portacable Armadillo is Wizard.

***don't eat rubber-wear a dust mask.

****last time around.


pranaglider said...

There are fin mods and there are fin mods. This would be the latter. Really fine work. Mine look like they were attacked by a drunken monkey with a hacksaw.

misterdirk said...

Nice to see those shots. Inspires me to tackle the same job more aggressively. After removing the ends, I've been a bit timid with my grinding.

Anonymous said...

my shower is broken. can i borrow yours?

Geoffrey Levens said...

A little bit timid is good. You can't put it back on once you have ground it off!