Jul 25, 2011

More Mat Stoke!

Hi Paul

Not getting wet that much this year, but had one of my best ever mat sessions a month or so ago down in Cornwall. Even worth the 570 mile in one day round trip for 2 hrs water time !

Cheers, Henry


I finally got out on the mat this weekend and I am still grinning!!! Unreal...I just had so much fun!!! Got some smaller, mushy swell on Sat and headed to the beach. A solid hour into the session I was still flopping around and beginning to wonder if it would even work but then I snagged a solid right and it all came together! I managed to pull off a solid bottom turn and then set up for a 60 yard drainer! I was most surprised by the speed and how well she tracked in the face; I'm not sure if I've ever been so close to the curl for so long! After 3 hrs in the water I was exhausted but the mat made for a nice spot to take a quick nap as well!!!! Keep up the great work PG, I look forward to catching up soon mate.

- Collin


Hi Paul,

Thank you so much for the wonderful 4th Gear Flyer tee shirt. I got the sky blue color with white lettering. It is awesome and very much appreciated!

And thank you for posting my photo on the masthead of Surf Matters! I am so stoked AND honored. As a newbie, I have no idea what I am doing, but the smiles and grins say it all, I guess.

Keep creating your magic mats. And I will do what everything I can to let people know about them!




Took Webbo to take on the ankle snappers on the South Devon coast today. Really impressed with his confidence and he was catching waves on his own and riding clean faces, even linking a few turns.

Best moment was walking back up the beach as.he looked at his mat and said "I love this thing..."




-- Dear Paul
I tryed my mat out today.I caught some green waves,I found it really fun.



Hi Paul,

As a long-time hull rider (and friend of Steve Krajewski, Kirk Putnam, Florian and the gang), I've been a fan of your boards for years, but I never knew much about your surf mats until I picked up a used 4th Gear Flyer "Large" mat on craigslist last month. It's an older model (pics attached), but man, what a hoot! In the course of the last month, I've gone from being an dyed-in-the-wool hull fanatic to being a rabid surf-matter.

There's so much I love about riding the mat:

- being close to the water, going fast and tucking into little barrels
- getting to meet a tremendous community of So-Cal mat-riders (including SurfSista Mary, Dirk, Bruce, Matt, Valerie, Evan, Andrew and the whole gang),
- and especially the fact that I no longer have to deal with any macho-man, tough-guy bullshit. When I ride a mat, board riders don't take me seriously... and that's the beauty of it! I can get my waves, and fly completely under the radar of the aggressive, wave-jostling crowd.

So, I guess that's a long-winded way of saying thank you - my 4th Gear Flyer has made surfing fun for me again.

Thanks again for everything, PG!

Sincerely, Tremor


the swell tamed down quit a bit so H could get in the water but she didnt like all the kelp it was really thick in the whitewash cause of the swell she got afew sand blasters though. no pics yet got to remember the cam next time!!!!the standard is working great got a few nice days at stockon ave and ano nuevo during this last swell. my buddy from florida was with me and he's going to hit you up for a mat sometime soon. i showed him your site and he rode on of my mat and was into it. well this funny i had my hangin on a clip hook in the bathroom and my girlfriend was washing her face in the dark reached over and thought the mat was a towel and was trying to dry her face with it yelling whats up with this towel. so awesome!!!!! well i be getting another mat soon in sure maybe a vespa or xlg not sure yet.you'll get my order soon when i pull up some more cash. be well paul and thanks!!!!!!! daniel


hi paul, thanks heaps for the excellent service. my mat took 14 days from dispatch & next day i was surfing it at watego's with my mates george (the guru) & boyd -- it is much the same size as my old "neumatic" & it goes great. i'll contect you re another one in the near future, regards,dave



Just wanted to let you know that I used the mat a few times now and really enjoy it! Used it in San Diego a couple of times and on a river north of Sacramento…Ocean is better though.

Radcially Stoked!

Thanks a lot and have a great summer!

God bless, Fr Joshua



Hey Paul,

Thanks for the quick ship on the mat.

Small surf here in Carpinteria but still a fun first day with it.

More later.


Hi Paul,

Had a great session today. The Dutch surf is bad this year. But after a good storm the last few days today was great with offshore wind and 5 / 6 foot waves.

Had great waves on my XL. This is a link of the webcam of Scheveningen (home spot).

In october i go on a trip to France, Lacanau. Hope to send some pictures then.

All the best.




Hi, Paul!!

I introduced matting to two friends today. One only got a taste. The other, Grace actually rode the mat. Saying she's hooked would be an understatement!!

As I hung out in the lineup with fins while Grace was on the mat, each wave she took had me laughing hysterically because I could hear her laughing hysterically as she got her rides. It was a wonderful experience.



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