Aug 12, 2011

Odds and Ends...

I'm heading up to Oregon for a week on family business, so I thought I'd download all the stuff that's going on in the 4GF world in one big lump!


The 4GF Sale is still going strong. Details are spelled out here...

Dead Solid Perfect...

Wandering off the sacred topic of mat riding, Pranaglider nails it with regard to the recently completed "U.S. Open Pro Board Riding, Rioting, and Shameless Sexism Championship," or whatever they call it now...

Spotted by Steiny...

More Dreaded 4GF Testimonials...

Hi Paul,

Just a quick note to say that we've had a few days of decent swell here in the last week so i've finally had a chance to get out with the Vespa. It took a while to get used to as it felt huge compared to the fatty, but i'm loving it now.

Viva la mat! - Neil


Hi Paul,

I received the 4GF T-shirt a couple of days ago. Very quick too, thank you.

I had an awesome June/July on the Atlantic coast of France. for over 2 weeks in June the surf was outstanding especially at Capbreton, & this is my favorite spot a very consistent left off the jetty, holds up even with onshore winds & a right from the other side of the beach, smaller but still fast. (photo attached)

Most days it was early morning glass & late afternoon juice when the sea breeze kicked in. The "Standard" was perfect. I was getting longer rides then either the board riders or the bodyboard crew. I had arms & legs like noodles at the end of the day. It was "surf, eat, sleep, repeat" for 16 consecutive days, with wave sizes from shoulder high to near double overhead. Tired but stoked every day :))

I got lots of very strange looks & comments & a few laughs, but that usually changed when folk saw how fast these mats go & how they track. Only once as I was walking up the beach at the end of an early morning session a long boarder, commented "Ah just like George Greenough!" I nodded & said "That's right, your the first one in 5 weeks who knows!"

What struck me too was how little fun most of the short boarders & a good proportion for the body-boarders were having. But then I am 63 with nothing to prove & grateful to still be able to do this. I have been back in the water these last 3 years after what must be a 30 year break, its taken some training, but this year I surfed the biggest & best I can remember. I find the mats perfect for me, though I still sometimes use a kneeboard, that feels stiff & unresponsive in comparison. I remember a quote from the "short board revolution" in the early 70's "reduce the medium" mats are the ultimate reduction of the medium between rider & wave! Thanks for a couple of amazing surf craft. I'm going back at the end of August for another go :))

Peter M.


Hi Paul,

We went matting twice this weekend, and even though it was pretty cold, my daughter had a ton of fun plowing around in the whitewash. Given the smiles I saw after each ride, I think this will be a gateway to paddling outside and getting some clean faces before the Summer is out.

I tried to get some pics to send with my cell phone, but they didn't really come out too well. Hopefully I can talk my wide into bringing the real camera one day soon so we can send something in for your website...

All the best,   Peter O.


Hello Paul

Thank you for sending out the commodity.

I looks forward to the arrival.

I want to try early because of the wave of Japan.

I'm exciting since now. I report for you.



Hi Paul,

Here's a brief update on my first mat-experience...

First surf was in June in Dubai !! Freaking hot and 32 degr. C water !!
Waves were mushy shoulder high. I had a blast and felt a lot less
silly than the regular guys in the line-up.

The mat feels really good. I like the grip the top layer gives.

This summer I had some more sessions in France. It was fun so I'm stoked !!
Finally noticed the scrible in the fold. Cool !

I think you make a nice product Paul, thanks !



HELL YEAH!! My first surfmat! Thanks to Surfsister!



Latest From Down Under...

Boyd sent a CD with some recent, super-fun mat riding action from his neck of the woods. Riders are Boyd, George and Dave. Photogs are Max and Wardie.

See all you guys when I get back!!!


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