Aug 25, 2011

Tom and Surfsis Mat L.A.

A study in inflation levels

"Look, ma! No hands!"

Hanging tough in the washing machine conditions

Tom finds a shoulder!

"Yeeeeee haaaaaaaaaw!"

Two mat nerds resting up before making another assault on the waves

Tom and I hadn't met before today, but we did exchange emails in anticipation of his short stay in L.A. We were able to share a session at a local beach break. The conditions left much to be desired. Nevertheless, we were out there getting some. At one point, a guy on an SUP commented to me that he saw us "getting [our] wiggle on"!

I had fun. Tom did too. In fact, he went back for a second session later in the day. (I was home making the kid do summer homework.)

Go get some tomorrow, Tom!! And have a safe, uneventful flight back!

All photos by Ken Samuels


Ramsnake said...

Love the superman in the first shot of you Tom!
Yeeeeeee haaaaaaaaw indeed Surfsister. Good to see you expressing exactly how you feel!

Anonymous said...

Yeah it was a great morning with SS and her guys!!

The shot "on the shoulder" is funny, because the valve popped open and I´m pressing my left thumb on it to avoid complete deflation.
Quite a "magic towel" ride.


harmless neighborhood eccentric said...

yes, visiting mat nerds!

daniel said...

looks like a fun time out there great shots!!!! still looking for other matters here in santa cruz kinda lonely out here

tuskedbeast said...

I make occasional trips from SF to SC and would love to surf with another mat surfer- NEVER seen another in the water. Write me at tuskedbeast via yahoo, maybe I can let you know when I'm down there next!