Apr 23, 2012

Happy 60th, SOSC!

On April 24, 1952, the San Onofre Surf Club held it’s first meeting!

Because the San Onofre beach was located on Marine Corp property, the primary purpose of the club was to insure continued access to the area for surfers and their families, many of whom had been using the area since the 30's. However, the family atmosphere remained the dominant trait of the oldest existing surf club in the continental United States.

Once considered the premier surfing area in California, the break at San-O remains a classic longboard wave...and pretty damn fun on a mat!

A much more complete history of the San Onofre beach and surf break is here...

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proneman said...

Look at that board on the top of the station wagon to the right. Maybe the long lost GG Baby surfboard.....