Apr 21, 2012

Synergy Now!

Since Surfmatters is the ONLY surf blog to ever tout the genius of the much maligned Fiat marque -- and did so three times: here, here and here -- it's only natural that our own Charlie Sheen would sign on to do a spot for the resurgent Italian automotive maker!


Piskian said...

Both renowned for breakdowns!
On pro surfing note,check out http://www.thecleanestline.com/2012/04/discussions-of-influence.html#more
Climbing(and most "extreme" sports) heading same way!

Paul Gross said...

"Both renowned for breakdowns!"

But that's their appeal, Piskian.

You can't rely on Fiat's or Charlie...but they are cheap to obtain, and with a little experience, easy to fix on the road.


Paul Gross said...

I miss the Fiat. I have a friend who used to race carts, he dropped out because of the cost. He said it was up to $1500 per race.

I chose the Saab because it's slower than the Fiat [martys' idea], and when you watch videos of them racing people are always laughing in the background, kind of like mats.

Thanks for the puff rides.


Paul Gross said...

I quit racing karts when it got up to $150 per race! Can't even imagine spending much more for recreational fun per/day.