Jun 14, 2012

From Ben...

Hi Paul,

Attached are some photos of the 5GF from Uluwatu, Indonesia...and a secret spot (haha!)

Fast ride, and held a bit better than the 4GF Standard.

Had a blast! Thanks again.



GRAYMAN said...

Top stuff. How did the mat go down in the line up?


Piskian said...

SalaMAT pagi!

Anonymous said...

Yeah Ben!! Big Waves for Big BEN!

ben said...

Locals were pumped on it, lots of cool stories shared from the past. Most surfers were just baffled. Lost it into the rocks on the Racetrack and had to go for a long swim. Lifeguard Ketut pointed me into the proper cove from the cliffs above. Snagged reef a couple times, but no rips in the mat. Awesome trip!