Jun 18, 2012

From Dan...


We are at Assateague for the week. Just got out of the water. First day that has been ok to go out. Wind blowing a constant 30mph the first two days we were here. I'm way out of shape!


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David from Philly said...


Wind is your friend on Assateague. If its stops the mesquitos will eat you alive. Are you in one of the north end campgrounds or down in Chinoteague?

I will arrive in MD State Campround either this coming or the following Friday. I do 1-2 weeks per year on the Island. Are you a regular? Maybe I will see you there.

Lots of good seafood to harvest there .. clams, mussels, crabs and fish of all sorts. I hope the ponies are not to much of a nusance - they are worse then bears.