Aug 8, 2012

From Marco In Italy...

It's a pleasure to write down to you these few lines. I'm Marco, from italian no-profit association SingleFin SEA.

As you maybe know we are surfing enthusiasts and appreciate above classic surf and kustom culture but also innovation in surfboard shapes. So we try to keep alive that feeling through this modern days, altough it could sound a little strange as we spend most part of the year surfing in Italy, which is a pretty young country to surfing.

As every year since 2005 we organise our annual " classic festival of surfing" which have a strong national fellowship and it's mainly focused on classic surfboards shapes, shapers work and surf enthusiast. Many people comes and also shapers, during the past editions, from abroad (Europe and US) and they enjoyed our friendly base atmosphere. The festival also involves shapers, artists and musicians in a three days exhibition filled with friendship and joy.

It won't be merely a commercial expo of crafts, but a contact network between man and man: shapers, artists, surfers and simple audience.

This is to invite you to the next Classic Festival that will be held on 21st to 23rd September 2012 in ITALY - Versilia shores, along the northern Tuscany coast, Italy.

In any case please share this message thru shapers/surfers community all around if you like...

SingleFin Classic Festival is not a expo: it's all about sharing shapers/surfers/surfboards/custom-culture experiences.

Every shaper (professional or not) is welcome to exhibit his creations. Surfboards Design is focused on classic logs, eggs, fishes, mini simmons, finless designs, prototypes, fins evolution and so.

There is also an open-air shared space to freely exhibit your paintings/art creations other than surfboards.

Please contact us in advance if you want to be a part of it.

get stoked, always.

more info on the event: [IT] [IT/EN] [EN]


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