Sep 18, 2012

From Capt. Tom!

Hey Paul,

Missed the swell from "Leslie" at Rockaway, coz "they" sent me to Saudi.

Missed the regular swell in Bali right now, coz "they" didn´t send me to Singapore out of my stand-by coz I had to stay close to my dad who´s been in intensive care for the last 10 days.

Saw some wind-swell in Malta instead - way too much scraggly old volcanic rock-shore for the mat or my body, though.

Then - on the way back - we witnessed this big old wave formation with shifting peaks.

Guess, "they" sent me mind-surfing.

From above the wave pattern has a weird convex shape to it:

height: 13000ft plus, currently.
period: at least 135 million years and counting.

People have been known to slide its frozen surface every local winter for over 100 years.
They call it "Alps".

You have similar ragged patterns nearby, as I´ve seen.

The best season will start soon!

All the best.

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