Sep 4, 2012

From the Ubiquitous Tom...

Hey Paul,

After almost matting my legs off in Camburi, I was planned for (and more importantly PLANNING!!!) a dawn mat-meet at Rockaway Beach, NY... ex Jersey City via Pathtrain and Subway (what a trip in itself just to "watch" "people" at that time of day). Check out the surf forecast why.

LESider had/has to shoot pics at NY Fashion Week (one more reason to go to NYC just then!!!!), but maybe stoked - "Jason" could be set up with me...Then THEY (my airline) changed my schedule to go to ---- Jeddah, Saudi Arabia!!!!!

I´ve had my fill for a few weeks, I suppose. Whatever.

At home (Bonn, Germany) here on the river, dodging barges I´ve scouted some fishing niches. See/bear the (5lb after gutting, +2lb of filet after that) Chub caught after paddling the inflatable (!!) SUP to the spot, getting in the water up to my hips in (life´s-better-in-) boardshorts and flicking the 5-weight fly-rod and a muddler.

Latest, next year, I´ll be training to stay (in the ) "river current" on the mat with fins.
Have had too many visons of that. Having mat-sessions terminated by calf-cramps stinks.

Cheers. All the best and thanks for reading,


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