Feb 13, 2013

From Toshie...

Hi Paul,
I just got the airmat! How exciting to get the real airmat!
Thank you so much for making it so quick for me.
Hardly wait to try it. I might have to wait for 2 days since I am recovering from the flu I had. I will let you know how it goes.



Live Update:

Hi Paul

I tried your mat and it is unbelievably great. It goes really fast and your airmat makes me feel like I am much better surfer.
I am so overwhelming about the quality of your airmat. It was small surf, hardly wait to surf on the good size waves. Perhaps I might try in front of our house tomorrow morning if wind is right.
All the best


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Piskian said...

We'll be there soon,too!
Tried warming up the crowdsurfing skills,but no joy.Only me in perfect headhigh screamers today.Must be the musky wettie...