Mar 18, 2013

From Bretto...

Hi Paul,

First off sorry for the lack of correspondence of late but we've had such a great run of waves!

I'm heading overseas at the start of next month and taking the new standard, an old standard (for backup), my 5gf, Michelles 5gf (for back up) and a fatty ( in case theres no swell or for something different). I think for a short 3 week stint I should be pretty right with that selection and has me covered in case of carnage.

Thanks mate



Quiver said...

Speaking of carnage, last weekend I was sliding sideways in the whitewater directly at a surfer who was in the water and his board was fins up. I decided the mat had a better chance of survival if it didn't have my weight on it so I just let go. It survived and drifted in on the waves all the way to the dry reef. The mat fared better than I did and was sitting peacfully high and dry by the time I got to it. But it made me wonder, "What situation would cause the mat to get a rip?" and "How can we repair a rip?"

PG said...

Email 4GF and we'll send you a repair manual...


Quiver said...

I was speaking more in general terms, as I'm the owner of a Neumatic, which included a strip of replacement material, but if it included a glue recomendation, I've forgotten it. I'd like to hear stories of how others damaged thiers, so that I can avoid the mistakes.

Anonymous said...

Last trip I took back up mats and didnt need them. 4gfs are so durable Ive never damaged one but because this place is far away I like to be prepared.... I'll pack a repair kit too.

GRAYMAN said...

Here you go:


Downloadable version here:



Quiver said...

Awesome, Thanks Grayman.