Jun 16, 2013

From Steiny...

(Photos: Dave Brown)

Hi Paul,

We took a big group of autistic kids surfing this morning. Some real runners and wrigglers. They all calmed down in the water and we got some nice sleeper south swell pulses.

I hope to go for a father's day surf.

All my best to you-



proneman said...

good stuff Steiny

mike said...

This is what surfing should be about--sharing the stoke.good on u,mate.

Henry Hester said...

Tears of joy!

harmless neighborhood eccentric said...

it takes lots of volunteers to make it happen: imagine getting these kids into wetsuits!
check our website:

Anonymous said...

my sons are autistic and love the sea
surfing(sup,mat,board)sailing and the
shear joy radiates from them.
Thanks for sharing,jezz

David from Philly said...

Love it!!