Oct 29, 2013

From Dan ...

Hi Paul,
Just back from a trip to Oahu and wanted to share this pic of my daughters after a fun session at Castles.
I got a couple great sessions at a reef about 2000' offshore of Kokololio beach park.  Pushing double overhead with some barrels, got my fair share of the set waves and the Omni handled it fine.  A few air drops and one huge tube ride, pretty exciting!  The locals were all cool but somewhat amused, got a few "oldschool" comments.  Also got a fun overhead session at Kamiland.
Oh yeah also got some great waves a few weeks back right on the point inside of T's at Jalama.  Just enough kelp to keep the surfers out of there but it was super fun on the mat.  Surfed 1st Crack earlier with my buddies but gotta say the mat session was more memorable.
Ride on,

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