Jan 19, 2014

Omni News From Around The World ...

Greenough on his Omni, as photographed by Bretto. NWS, early December, 2013

Like so many mat riders around the world, Luke Elmer is an artist. He's from Santa Cruz, and a new Omni Owner. Here's the bio from his web site...
"My work is influenced by romantic lifestyles of all kinds. Often I draw inspiration for my imagery from nautical folklore of antiquity or from Classic American iconography. I use traditional and improvised craftsman techniques to actualize my imagination in sculpture and print media.

Growing up fishing, surfing and sailing, I developed a deep connection with the ocean and all that revolves in and around its depths.
Also, through traveling and my experiences along the road, I have been exposed to many different walks of life. Through my prints and sculptures I aim to portray the ocean in all its glory and to pay homage to those who are continuously in search of new experiences."
And here's some of his work...

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