Jun 27, 2014

From Colin, The River Rat ...

Hi Paul !

Mat surfing on the river is super fun.  When the wave greens out you can really fly!  Everyone here is pretty curious about the mat, maybe you'll have some more orders from Montreal in the future.  Hoping to get the mat out on one of our better waves soon, attached is a photo.  So far I've tried once but missed the wave..   It's a long swim before and afterwards ;)
I'll be biking along the coast of oregon and california this summer, with the mat of course.  Can't wait.
Still considering an Omni order, but still learning lots on the Fatty for now
All the best

Getting the hang of it ;)


chad stickney said...

This is the stickiest thing yet where is this?

Anonymous said...

I would think Habitat 67 (almost) in downtown Montreal. Just search for surfing in Montreal - it´s not really a secret and since he posted the name of the city...