Jul 4, 2014

From Bretto and Michelle ...

Hi Paul,

Michelle has a cold so she took a bit of video.

Its school holidays here now and as well the Lennox Head Grom Fest is on so its hard to find a wave with all the people around. I'm riding the Standard, as you can see I still had to work it a bit as the waves even though they look great were pretty gutless.



misterdirk said...

Love that take-off under the lip at about :35. Technically challenging waves can be super fun!

pranaglider said...

good stuff! looks like a lot of fun

BC said...

Thanks guys, it was heaps of fun.
Thats what i love about mats is its very difficult not to have fun !

Anonymous said...

Is that a Dolphin kick you are using to get your body up the mat into the ride position ? Would you say that is generally the easiest way ?