Sep 29, 2014

From Da Bolt ...

(Images courtesy of the Oily Scumm Photo Agency)

Hi Paul
Sorry for late response just got my emails back on line.

I am using Adam's old Omni and also my drp Omni...both are going FINE.
Johnny is happy with his Standard and keeps his bigger mat for learners.
Terry is sticking with the Lotus and he caught his best wave ever on it last week.
Justin uses a standard only 
Neal has a tracker which flies for him...he did not know there were different models. 
Attached are some pictures from another scumm mat sliding session at Gilligan's island.
Justin on his Standard...Neal on a Tracker...Terry has his Lotus...Me original Omni...Johnny also a Standard.
The water shots were taken by helmet mounted Go-Pro cameras.
The only minor prob with go-pros is they make even good sized waves appear flat.
Also it's great to hear the locals hooting us when they see us doing crossovers and having FUN.
Regards eric dabolt


KiamaHighSchoolVox said...

It was a fantastic mat meet. Lots of laughs, waves and good vibes.


Aaron said...


Henry Hester said...

I will travel there someday in the next 12 months. Can't wait to ride with SCUMM!

KiamaHighSchoolVox said...

That would be fantastic Henry.


Anonymous said...

Ha, I have the same experience with GP´s.
Terrified after the 10ft drop looking at the reef, it looks like some "kid´s" perspective of a "simple" beach break.

It´s all in our head - size is relative.
What is double overhead?
What is fast?

You were there, you felt the rush - and you saw the dolphins (always a good day for me) - so screw - as in : "Have another beer and laugh with the other scumm!" - the effort to convey "legit" and "hardcore".

You are (!!!), but nobody´s gonna get it anyway - except maybe we here;-)

Would be cool to slide with you folks some day.

Tom (the one from Germany)