Nov 18, 2014

From Eric ...

Hi Paul
We have had a fantastic run of great waves here on the Sth Coast of NSW.
Two of my friends who both ride 4GF mats have been having a ball. Neal Cameron on his "Tracker" and Justin Spittle with his "Standard". They both enjoy getting out of the city into some country air and classic waves.
Neal is in his fifties, is a long time surfer who designs, makes & sells amazing spoons and kneeboards. He finds this spot to his liking with the big long fast walls, where he can really build up some speed. 
Justin is the youngest in our group a photographer and he also excels out here getting a big laugh out of doing crossovers with us.
It can get a bit crowded but most times the local mid week crew will share.
Myself and Adam had this spot the day before with 6 others and waves bigger than these shown.
WHAT A RUSH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Regards Eric Dabolt

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tuskedbeast said...

Great photos!! The pulled back, black and white shots make for great mind-surfing.