Nov 11, 2014

From Tom ...

Hello Paul,
Had to send you a current shot of Ocean Beach after you posted the one from the 50's by Fred Lyon.
The area by Seal Rock is a nice place for matting with a good rip to help you back out.
Cheers from San Francisco



tuskedbeast said...

Tom are you in SF? I'd be nice to know another mat surfer here!

PG said...

Tom is a German Lufthansa pilot, who globetrots with his quiver of 4gf mats.

Must be tough!

tuskedbeast said...

PG said...

Awesome snag, TB!!!

Anonymous said...

Next time around we can try to (mat-)meet. Have PG forward our emails, if you want.

Music made me paste together this from Monday:

I prefer sliding "lonely" rather than in a horde of testosterone-psychos on planks with hard edges and pointy protrusions.


tuskedbeast said...

That's pretty great Tom!

Yeah Paul, if you could forward my email address to Tom, that's be swell.