Jan 17, 2015

From Greg ...

Hello from the PNW

This is my vw rabbit diesel, very economical to drive (40+ miles per gallon). The mat is a UDT-xl that you made for me a few years ago (40+ miles per Gross), its the mat I ride most. I'm not to sure its any better than a stock UDT, ( It's really hard for me to tell any difference) and the orange paint is to make it more visable when I loose it.  I ride my XL when the waves are  powerful enough to warrant, and the faster response is great. The fins are stock xxl udt's, there the only fins I wear (I'm a big guy) and I like the extra power for the dolphin kick during backed off takeoffs.
I have noticed a strange thing about mat waxing. After hot waxing with paraffin and surfboard wax the deck gets stiffer and  the next 4 or five go outs are magic, then the feeling and control seam to lessen. I've tried this cycle twice and it really seams to work better with the fresh hot wax, and I don't think its just about traction. Just rubbing on surfboard wax  doesn't seam to work.  ( or maybe its old age? or are newly legalised weed?)
So Donna, Polly and I are headed to southern California again next week, Santa Cruz, Cayucos,  Santa Barbara, Doheny's, and San Diego. We are meeting up with friends from San Diego at Doheny to camp and surf then heading down to San Elijo for more of the same, about three weeks total. There will be six of us, all riding your mats, the same group as last year.  With everyone having  so much fun on the mats its hard  to take the time for surf photos but I will try to get some good photos to you this year.    Then its off to England to jam with the Stones. (just kidding)

The photo is mine, taken at sunset bay. You can use it if you want.

And I would like to thank you again on behalf of all the mat riders of southern Oregon for making are life more enjoyable.

   Greg Barber

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Geoffrey Levens said...

I put Vulkem on mat deck for super traction and first time I did it, years ago, I put far more than was needed--too thick. It was a noobie error but end result, aside from increased weight, was a noticeably stiffer deck where the Vulkem was. That meant outer edges for several inches were flexi as when made but most of the inbetween was more "unified". Slight pressure from hip or hand seemed to translate to control much better to me. Downside was that stiffness, or rather the transition from the edges of the stiffness to the softer/flexier parts, caused a lot more rapid pin air formation. Nothing a bit of sealant didn't fix right up but in the end may have hastened a great mat's demise.