Feb 18, 2015

From Antonio ...

Hello Paul and thank you for getting the mats in the mail so quickly, they arrived yesterday and I can't wait to try them.
Friday waves will be small and I will have a go on the Lotus to get a feel for it as you recomended as Saturday and Sunday it's supposed to pick up again.

Here are some photos of the last two swells. All photos were sent to me by friends as I had a lot of work and couldn't find the time to go surf, should have called in sick...

2/13/2015 Crash Boat

I have surfed this spot a couple of times on the Fatty, never at this size as it takes a lot of swell to get it like the photo. It's one of the best mat waves on the island (minus the crowds). I bet the Lotus 7 would be excellent for this size: Unknown bodyboarder

2/14/2015 Valentines day, spent it with wifey and daughter, no regrets as family is always first to me but man those barrels look fun. Great for Lotus again...Somewhere in the NE coast.


Gas Chambers yesterday: Honestly, would have used my bodyboard on this one as the wave really jacks up... Maybe a mini mat? Anyway, had to work but should have called in sick.
No time machine to go back in time so looking forward for the next swell, they just keep coming back to back... Another unknown boogie man

Quiver of new mats is ready: Vespa Rountail and Lotus 7

Will keep you posted...
Puerto Rico

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