Feb 27, 2015

Sure There's Rights and Lefts, But Do They Come In Cherry Coke ???

What mat rider doesn't enjoy cracking peaks without pesky crowds? And who doesn't enjoy a Slurpee now and again?

Well, play your cards right, and you can have both. Just book a flight out to Nantucket, wait for late February, slip into a 15 mil suit, and have at it!

Waves so cold, they're made of slushy ice...

Thisiscolossal.com reports:

Earlier this week photographer Jonathan Nimerfroh was walking along the coast of Nantucket when he noticed something odd about the waves crashing on shore. The high temperature was 19°F (-7.2°C) and while the waves weren’t completely frozen, they were thick with pieces of ice, much like the consistency of a Slurpee, or an slushy, or an ICEE, or whatever. It’s amazing to see how the ice changes the form and color of the waves, making them seem almost solid. You can see a few more shots over on Stay Wild Magazine. You can follow more of Nimerfroh’s photography on Instagram.

Leave it to Ian from Ireland to forward us these links...he thinks Nantucket in February is a tropical paradise!


Anonymous said...

Paul, I think I'd wimp out....but maybe not, matting them it would be an incredible experience! I wonder if the ice would wear the surface of the mat? Maybe time for ski wax on the bottom! New 4th Gear Flyer "Arctic Option" along with the on-board wood-burning heater!

Mat On,
George L.

tuskedbeast said...

Amazing photos of an eerie event. The photographer (who surfs) said the waves broke in near silence, without the normal surf sounds. I wish he could have filmed it. Everything about these waves looks a little "off"- the patterns on the water surface, the geometry of the curl, and so on.

He went back the next day, and the spot had iced over.

Anonymous said...

Never saw slush waves in Antarctica. It was either loose water or heavy ice floes, or solid ice. Only waves we saw were when the water was ice-free, and given our position in McMurdo Sound, they weren't really swells, more like sloshing.

Mister Dirk