Mar 7, 2015

From James In The OC ...

Hi paul
i recently got a omni. the mat's great  really solid feel  . holds air at the exact same level for days really solid build quality.
took me 28 breaths to fill er up but still feels like a small mat my 180 lbs is very happy with a lil bit more volume. basically all upsides with no drawbacks for me.
took some late drops the camera is a mouth mount so  it was hard to put my chin down like i wanted to on take off and had to  drop in late  after the wave had already stood up on me.  you can see the faces are really steep even before they get to me.
the  omni  did not slip out even 1 x on me  I was pulling through thick lips that were hitting me and even if it  did not open clean i was popping out the back on every wave.
really good  job on this model im giving it  two huge  thumbs up
take it easy
James   AKA mattitude


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