Apr 13, 2015

From Mat Max ...

Hi Gloria and PG,
Just realized that it's been thirty years since we met and I got my first 4th Gear Flyer from you! Initially there were lots of questions to be answered about how to ride a mat. Now I'm questioning those answers and letting the mat do the riding. The less I do the better I go. 4GF has been my most life-improving technology. All the other adoptions and adaptations grow increasingly complex and demanding of upgrades. Matting has become simpler and less technical to the point where thinking is unnecessary and it's all about feeling. These days the mat finds its own genius lines if just I let go and stay with it. Goofing around on 4GFs is one of the precious few things in life that gets fresher and funner as time passes... Cheers Mates!!!
PS: Attached is a shot of my current kit: Mini + pod 3 w/ homemade tethers + $1.50 boardshorts


Anonymous said...

From one legend to another!

Anonymous said...

POD 3 any good mate ?