Jun 14, 2015

From Ariel ...

Hey Paul,

I'm back from my adventures, what a great time! The mat was the ideal item to travel with. Not only was it's compact size the envy of all other surf craft riders as they lugged their board bags through the busy streets and endured multi hour drives with their boards barely strapped to the hoods of taxi's. It also worked like magic to dissolve localism.

I am an overly cautious visitor to new breaks. I would show up at these remote places, with only a few guys out, but still I would give tons of space and only take scraps. Every time, the locals would watch with curiosity and then invite me over to talk about the mat. What was it? Could they try? did I want to use their board while they rode my mat?- yes please. It was really amazing.

I am certainly not a pro at it, but that was part of the excitement. There were a few superb beatings as I desperately held on with all my might- cursing the no leash. Mostly fun times.

Thanks again!


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