Jun 16, 2015

From Art ...

Yesterday I used my new surf mat to traverse the pools in that granite canyon in central Arizona. I sink much deeper in the water than on my previous craft but the new mat is 40 ounces lighter and much more compact so it's worth the trade off to me. My back pack has a dry bag inside so nothing gets wet.
Thanks again. Great product.

Art C


Anonymous said...

I'm going to pass that one to my fellow members at the Explorers Club. Beats trying to make a coracle out of vines, twigs, and a rain poncho.

Roger Crossland said...

From the world of White Knights, outdoorsmen, warriors, eccentrics, and other folks worth knowing...

He was dressed in tin armour, which seemed to fit him very badly, and he had a queer-shaped little deal box fastened across his shoulders, upside-down, and with the lid hanging open. Alice looked at it with great curiosity.

'I see you're admiring my little box,' the Knight said in a friendly tone. 'It's my own invention -- to keep clothes and sandwiches in. You see I carry it upside-down, so that the rain ca'n't get in.'

'But the things can get out,' Alice gently remarked. 'Do you know the lid's open?'
'I didn't know it,' the Knight said, a shade of vexation passing over his face. 'Then all the things must have fallen out! And the box is no use without them.' He unfastened it as he spoke, and was just going to throw it into the bushes, when a sudden thought seemed to strike him, and he hung it carefully on a tree. 'Can you guess why I did that?' he said to Alice.

Alice shook her head.

'In hopes some bees may make a nest in it -- then I should get the honey.'
'But you've got a bee-hive -- or something like one -- fastened to the saddle,' said Alice.

'Yes, it's a very good bee-hive,' the Knight said in a discontented tone, 'one of the best kind. But not a single bee has come near it yet. And the other thing is a mouse-trap. I suppose the mice keep the bees out -- or the bees keep the mice out, I don't know which.'

'I was wondering what the mouse-trap was for,' said Alice. 'It isn't very likely there would be any mice on the horse's back.'

Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

Art C, with his hat off, is the spitting image of Tenniel's White Knight from Alice in Wonderland.

Good thinking outside the box, or above the mat, Art!