Aug 30, 2015

From Jeff ...


Hey Paul,

Congrats on all the great new models and reviews you have been getting; sounds like business is good at Fourth Gear Flyer.  I have a friend who has taken an interest in surf mat riding after seeing me rip here on the North Coast, and I wanted to get him a mat as a gift soon (possibly a Fatty or a Standard. His birthday is in mid-September). I also want to increase my mat collection, as my TRT has seen a lot of action these last four years and the Omni looks like an amazing shape to add to my quiver. 

I am enclosing a couple of pics taken of me surfing my custom Standard at Manly Beach in Australia last summer--what an amazing place to surf! The day before these shots I got an incredible double tube ride near Manly's South Steyne, a ride similar to a sand-bottom Little Drake's. 

Enclosed pics (1 and 2) are from a late-afternoon session, high tide with offshore winds. 

I also did a few solo sessions on my mats in Victoria, near Apollo Bay and on Philip Island. The bottom shot (2) is of my kids on the beach at Smythe's Creek, near Apollo Bay along the Great Ocean Road, while I trim on an inside tube.

The surf potential in that country is truly incredible; in Victoria there literally seemed to be dozens of great spots where no on surfed regularly, simply because there are so many waves to ride! Definitely a place I will be going back to in my life; the whole family went and my kids loved it! Fun times!

Have a great autumn. NW swells are just starting to hit the North Coast, and I can't wait for some good sessions at my local breaks.  Hope you are getting waves on the Central Coast.  I will try to get more recent photos and/or video to you soon.


Jeff Gonzalez, Humboldt Mat Surfer

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