Aug 7, 2015

From Sarah ...

Hey Paul!

I ordered a surf mat from you a few years ago for my boyfriend, Ole. He has the XL. I was constantly stealing it from him because I loved it so much! He got me the Omni and we both could not be more pleased with both of the mats! They are so much fun! We love being able to catch a wave together and not have to worry about bumping into each other like you do with a board. People constantly ask us what the mats are called. We are referring your business all the time. I hope some of these people are contacting you for orders.

I also love the fact that they pack down so small. Every time I travel I always take my mat and short fins. We went to Kauai last summer and it was so sweet to have my mat with me! Way cheaper then trying to take a board since the airlines always charge a fortune for a big, heavy board bag. Ole and I also mountain bike on trails to more hidden breaks and take our mats. The mats are great for tiny and for big waves. So much fun! Thanks again for a great, versatile product!

Here's Ole and I on a super small day at Rincon.

Thanks Paul!!


Sarah and Ole

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Unknown said...

Thanks for the great story. I'm trying to talk my wife Felicia into taking up mat surfing with me here in Santa Barbara. Maybe I'll see you and Ole at Rincon some time when it's too small for most surfers.
Cheers, Richard in SB