Feb 24, 2016

From Witzig/Greenough/Electric Sunshine ...

This is an interesting shot from the early 70's...probably 1971. The footage is from the Witzig film "Animals," and was posted just the other day on Electric Sunshine.

Greenough is seen here riding Lennox on a "Stripes Down" Hodgman mat. The ride is in slow motion, which gives us some nice detail as to his constantly changing riding technique.

The Hodgmans from this era were long, narrow, and very thick. They had a solid, "potent" feel in larger waves, and served as the basis for the 4GF Standard model...which was developed in the mid 80's and still going strong today. Hodgmans were also ridden in Crystal Voyager (9:23, 34:49 and 36:50.)

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misterdirk said...

Yes, now I'm seeing him lift those heavy UDTs out of the water when he breaks loose.