Mar 5, 2016

Cross Training!

 PranaGlider riding an Omni in overhead Newport

 Greenough riding a narrow Lotus in small slop at the East Cape

One of the cool things you can do with a quiver of mats (meaning, 2 or more models in your arsenal) is to ride the 'wrong' model in certain conditions. It's challenging, fun, and very educational.

A mat that is wider-than-ideal for larger waves sharpens your skill at setting the rail on bottom turns and while trimming through thick sections. The mats' tenancy will be to slide out, and it's up to you to find the right moment to push the rail into the water and grab onto whatever surface tension you can find. You'll blow a lot of waves, but you'll also snag a few that will open your horizons.

A mat that's too narrow for smaller waves forces you to always be in the power of the wave you're riding. You can't overrun the section ahead of you, or cut back too far into the whitewater. In both cases, you'll run out of the juice you need to keep your craft planing. Your wave judgement will improve immeasurably.

Another aspect of quiver flexibility is the option to practice riding backside (if indeed you have a backside while riding a mat) with a wider mat to sharpen your trimming skills.

After a session or two with the "wrong" mat, when you go back to the appropriate model, it seems like a walk in the park...and you'll have a deeper understanding of mat surfing that will last a lifetime.

Like George says, "You always keep learning stuff with a mat!"

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Geoffrey Levens said...

Like George says, "You always keep learning stuff with a mat!"

A deeper truth, and I think likely George's real secret it, "You always learn stuff if you pay attention" ;)