May 17, 2016

From Rob ...

Hi Paul
I have had the Lotus  out 3 times now and I must say for the type of waves OB has it has worked the best.

Now the surf I tried in has been pretty junky but as you know if the surf is good anything works. So I found that for OB even when it is junky it is still steep and fast and the Lotus really held like no other mat. At OB you usually have turn at the top and go so holding that line was 100 easier on the Lotus. It will be interesting on a slopey wave so i will let you know about that. I did notice the glide was a little diminished on the smaller day but I will take hold over glide.
I showed Steiny the attached pic of me from 1966  in Santa Cruz and suggested I send it to you. As you can see matting was in my blood from an early age!
(That's me on the mat! The other guy was just some kid that was attracted to the graham crackers I was eating!)



Geoffrey Levens said...

Easy guess which of you ate the most graham crackers! HAH!

nate said...

I agree about OB. I had the Lotus out there a smaller day last November and it performed way better than any other mat I've ever ridden out there. It was really fast and held in the pocket really well.

tuskedbeast said...

Hah, you are SO that same kid. Great photo!

tuskedbeast said...

PS Nate we should meet up!

Dan said...

Count me in for an OB mat meet.