Jun 19, 2016

From Bluebell ...

Hello Uncle Paul,

I'm writing about a mat recommendation.

I'm 6 lbs, 10 oz...although they say I'll grow over the next 18 or 20 years. (This is an outdated photo. I'm 3 days old at the present time.)

I mostly surf the slosh in the my wash basin. Hopefully, I'll get into some more juice in Matt and Nicole's tub by this time next summer. (They are my mum and dad.)

Also, I prefer an off-white mat, with red and green print motif. Do you have that available?

Thank you very much,

-- Bluebell

1 comment:

Matt D said...

By the movement of her legs Im certain shes practicing fin technique and THE new frog kick. Currently bulking up on mothers milk ;-)