Jul 10, 2016

The 11 Stages Of Enlightenment ...

 State-of-the-art Standing Island Pullout, Makaha, 1959

 Custom Woody, 1961 

 Tiki Art, 1963


 Winning Surfer Poll, 1965

 Doing Penance at Sunset, 1966

 Paddle-in Monster, Waimea, 1967

 Transition era Mini Gun, Sunset, 1969

 Single ski Prototype, 1971

 At One with the flute, 1970

 At One with personal artwork, 2007

At One with the universe, 2016
(Jilka, Lorraine, and Mike!)


mike said...

Wish Dora,d accepted the mat.Ideal for his approach.

Anonymous said...

The Man, the myth, the legend and Mike always could raise the fun meter.
Full Circle !!!!!!!