Feb 18, 2017

From Rob ...



Last Saturday was blast! The surf was small but Chris and I had a ton of fun! The first two are me, and the last one was my attempt to get Chris with my finger in the frame :). I think that's a look of concentration on my face in the first picture...I promise I'm having a blast!!! Keep spreading the Stoke! I Love these vehicles of Joy!

Super Stoked,



tuskedbeast said...

Lovely photos. Looking at the second pic with your projected drop, I can see you know your onions, mat wise :)

Rob Pollard said...

Thanks for the comment tuskedbeast :)! I've only been riding mats since July, but it's grabbed me and won't let go! Mat surfing is so much fun I have a hard time staying out of the water when there is swell.There is so much to learn and almost any wave is rideable. Its given me a place to be close to everything we have run away from with technology. Time slows down when I'm on the face of a wave and moments live in my mind forever! It's given me small community to belong to and share my experiences with! Surfing calms me, and gives me a feeling of peace long after the session is over. It's changed my life!